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ONLINE MATTRESSES - orthopaedic beds. Not cheap innerspring - but mattresses that conform to the shape of your spine.

All our mattress range at cheap beds melbourne are of an orthopedic mattress standard. What does that mean?


Your mattress is considered one of the most important 'health product's you use on a daily basis. It has an important relationship to your spine. In a span of a lifetime (81 years of living), a person will be asleep for 27 years. Thats a lot of time for healing! We believe at cheap beds melbourne that your mattress must be of an orthopedic beds standard. That is it HELPS to align and KEEP YOU ALIGNED, whether you sleep on your back or your side.


At cheap beds melbourne, we utilise our professional background in chiropractic and have sourced beds and mattresses of the highest standard. We have three types of orthopedic mattresses at cheap beds melbourne including visco mattress range, latex beds range and pocket mattress range.

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All our melbourne beds are zoned to the 3 curves of your spine. Please call for a free sleep consultation.


Which of our melbourne beds range is right for you? Get tested today!