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Latex beds range at cheap beds melbourne

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Why latex beds from cheap beds melbourne?

Discover the benefits of latex beds from cheap beds melbourne.


1. Minimum partner disturbance. Latex beds prevents ‘roll together’, a normal complaint if one sleeper weighs more than the other.

2. Latex beds are a healthy choice for sufferers of asthma or hay-fever who may be sensitive to dust or synthetics.

3. The surface pressure on the body is reduced to a minimum, thus eliminating the ‘hammock’ feeling on latex beds.

4. Our latex beds at chep beds melbourne are are 100% fungus free and possess antibacterial properties which will last for many years. Due to the natural properties of latex beds, dust mites (which aggravate asthma) and bed bugs are discouraged from breeding.

5. Our latex beds are made using natural rubber and are free from any harmful or toxic substances.

6. They can last for up to 25-30 years. Each of our latex beds come with a 10 year guarantee.

7. Our latex beds can help keep the spine correctly aligned. The latex beds foam has been orthopedically designed to have posture zones for optimal posture and lumbar support.


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